Gene Griessman – Leadership and Communication Skills

Gene GriessmanInternationally acclaimed for his books and presentations: “Lincoln Live,” “Lessons Learned From Legends,”  “Macroforces and the Future.” As professional keynote speaker and actor, he’s performed at Ford’s Theatre, at the Lincoln Memorial, at the Georgia Dome before 25,000, and with small groups of leaders worldwide. As consultant, he’s directed national evaluations and created strategic plans for major organizations. Click to learn more about Gene


Jennifer Kahnweiler – Champion of Introverts

kahnweilerJennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., Certified Speaking Professional, is a global speaker and bestselling author known as the “Champion of Introverts.” Her books include The Genius of Opposites, Quiet Influence and The Introverted Leader and have been translated into 15 languages. Jennifer has worked with hundreds of organizations including GE, NASA and the US Embassy in Vietnam. She is a faculty member of the American Management Association and has been featured in Forbes, Time and The Wall Street Journal. Click to learn more about Jennifer


Ray Waters – Life Balance and Emotional Intelligence

Ray Waters - work life balance & emotional intelligenceRay Waters is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, syndicated columnist, and the author of Tightrope Tango. Ray has honed his warm, inviting speaking style to entertain audiences while providing in-depth teaching about principles leading to life balance, personal growth, and emotional intelligence. He believes change is possible for anybody who wants it enough to invest time learning what tools work and letting go of beliefs that don’t. His company, Big Life, Inc. works to help clients live bigger, healthier lives based on the latest research and best tools for change. Click to learn more about Ray

Ken Futch – Humor and Customer Service

Ken FutchKen draws from years of experiences in every imaginable setting and hones his messages into razor-sharp, relatable and resonant works of art. These are just some of the ways people describe Ken and his presentations. A Certified Professional Speaker, with more than twenty years experience entertaining and motivating fortune 100 companies. Click to learn more about Ken

Rene Godefroy – Motivational Speaker On Change & Attitude

Known as one of the most high-energy motivational speakers in Atlanta, Rene speaks on change and attitude in the workplace. If you are looking for a unique experience for your team members during your events, Rene is definitely an excellent choice. His keynotes are loaded with solid takeaways your audience members can use to improve their condition. Rene started from poverty in a tiny village in Haiti. Today, he empowers people in corporate America to embrace and overcome obstacles. Click here to learn more about Rene

Michael Buckham-Whiten – Leadership, Strategic Marketing

Michael Buckham WhiteMichael is the son of an immigrant family who showed early promise, but never fully exercised his potential, squandering countless opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. He was distracted by drugs, alcohol, family turmoil, and intellectual mediocrity at an early age.

He refocused and got a Bachelors and Masters degree, eventually serving in multiple executive and leadership roles with prominent companies, and serving as a formal mentor to many people. He is currently the Managing Principle of We Engage Marketing, a consulting firm. Click to read Michael’s full bio

Austin McGonigle – Sales Training and Presentations

Austin McGonigleAustin McGonigle is founder and president of Success Cycle, a twenty six year old company that teaches interaction skills that ensure success in business and in life. In 1998, Austin founded the Georgia Speakers Bureau to assist meeting planners in selecting the right speaker to meet and exceed their meeting objectives. Click to learn more about Austin

Bob Gibson – Negotiation Skills Training

Bob GibsonSince 1990, Negotiation Resources has provided negotiation solutions to corporations throughout the United States and the world. We specialize in customized, effective and enjoyable on-site training, consulting and speaking to build skills and create immediate learning and results. We known negotiation, and we know training. Click here to learn more about Bob

Doug Smart – Team Building, Diversity

dousmartFor 20+ years Doug Smart has shown audiences worldwide how to discover and use their personal strengths for success in leadership. This means you get a professional speaker who has the experience, original content, and nuanced delivery style that will reach every person at your meeting. And it can take as little as 1 hour to show each person how to be a very effective leader based on his or her personal strengths. Click here to learn more about Doug